Laboratory & Field Testing Services

ACM Construction Management LLC also offers Laboratory & Field Testing Services that will become a necessity in managing your project. Our in-house laboratories are capable of performing a wide range of testing to suit the needs of typical construction projects.

ACM Laboratories Maintain AASHTO Accreditations and United States Army Corps of Engineers MTC Validations on all of our locations. These programs require rigorous inspections and participation in proficiency programs to assure that tests are being performed and equipment is calibrated and maintained according to the strict standards designated by ASTM and AASHTO.

ACM currently operates four laboratories; our home lab in Cleveland, Ohio and three mobile laboratories throughout the Eastern United States. Our mobile laboratories are fully equipped with testing equipment as well as personnel ready to take on the most demanding testing schedules. Our mobile labs stand on their own separate accreditations and validations.

We maintain in-house laboratory services so that test result turnaround time can be kept to a minimum and we prioritize our testing schedule based on needs, cutting down wait time and productivity loss.

ACM Construction Management Laboratory Services include but are not limited to:
Aggregate Testing

A broad scope of aggregate tests available.

Mix Design Development

Full asphalt mix design (Marshall or Superpave) & Full Concrete Mix Design (ODOT, FAA, USACE)

Asphalt Testing

Evaluation of Roadway Samples

Concrete Testing

Full Concrete (ODOT, FAA, USACE) Plastic Concrete Testing & Verification (Slump, Air Content, Temperature, Unit Weight, Yield)

Strength Testing

Concrete Compressive and Flexural Strength

Soils Testing

Standard and Modified Proctors
Field Density Verification

Field testing

QA/QC verification of Concrete, Asphalt density, Soils density, and Coring of pavements

Asphalt Production Laboratory Monitoring

QA/QC verification

Pavement Smoothness Profiling Services

California Profilagraph, and Lightweight/Low-speed (IRI) Profiler

NRMCA Concrete Plant and Truck Certification